Vintage Motorcycle Restorations


The restoration of a vintage motorcycle includes several stages. Firstly, if not already complete and together the bike will undergo a dry build to ensure the correct fitment of all parts and to be sure all hardware is correct and present. After the initial assembly is complete the bike is torn down to the bare bones. Parts are cleaned and inspected prior to restoration and any repairs are performed at this time. Original factory hardware is cleaned and inspected piece by piece and then bead blasted prior to cadmium plating. Sheet metal is chemically stripped and then handed off to my painter.

Frames are usually powder coated although in the past some have been spray painted. Cycle parts are also powder coated except for items such as the oil tank, side panels, headlamp mounts and chainguard which get sprayed. My current powder coater does a fantastic job of obtaining a finish close to that of stove enameling, which was the process used by the manufacturers back in the day. Aluminum parts get sent out for polishing after receiving a total cleaning inside and out. The engine and gearbox are overhauled, again torn down to bare bones and given the full treatment.

I have very competent contractors that I work with and have every confidence in them to perform top class work whether it be chrome plating, machine work or paint. After completion the finished product gets some break in miles to establish all is well. When restoring a stock motorcycle, my aim is to produce a product as close to the way it left the factory and I strive for perfection in achieving this goal.

Contact me with any questions regarding restoring your vintage Triumph.